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By Keegan Gibson
Managing Editor

By a vote of 172-99-24, the Pennsylvania Republican state committee voted to endorse Cumberland County attorney Vic Stabile for the open seat on PA’s Superior Court.

Philadelphia natives Judge Paul Panepinto and Paula Patrick came in second and third, respectively. Both are expected to stay in the race despite the endorsement.

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Republican State Committee news relese
PA GOP Endorses Candidates for Pennsylvania’s Superior and Commonwealth Court

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valerie Caras
Press Release

HARRISBURG – Today, the Republican Party of Pennsylvania held their annual Winter Meeting and voted to endorse Vic Stabile of Cumberland County for Superior Court and Anne Covey of Bucks County for Commonwealth Court.

“Today our Party conducted an open and transparent endorsement process, and I am excited to announce that we have endorsed principled and qualified Republican candidates to serve on Pennsylvania’s appellate courts: Vic Stabile for the Superior Court and Anne Covey for the Commonwealth Court,” said Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason.

“Republicans know that there is no such thing as an ‘off year election,’ as judges make many important decisions that affect Pennsylvanians’ everyday lives. Our grassroots network of volunteers is strong and energized, and we are eager to build upon our Party’s historic success in 2010 by electing Vic Stabile to the Superior Court and Anne Covey to the Commonwealth Court this November.”

Vic Stabile was recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association for the Superior Court stating that he is held in “high regard by his peers, who commend his integrity, strong work ethic and civility…his writing skills are strong and his experience handling cases before the appellate courts is solid. Based on his strong intellect, passion for the law and even temperament, the commission recommends him for a position on the Superior Court.” Currently he is a partner with Dilworth, Paxton, LLP in Harrisburg, where he practices complex civil and commercial litigation. Vic resides in Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania with his family.

In 2002, Anne Covey was appointed by Governor Mark Schweiker to serve as the first female member of the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board. Anne is the owner of Covey & Associates, P.C. where she practices in all areas of labor and employment law. Anne was recommended by the Pennsylvania Bar Association where they highlighted her “good character, integrity and an excellent work ethic.” Anne is an accomplished writer who has authored the book, The Workplace Law Advisor, and the law review article entitled, “Contribution of the Commonwealth Court to Public Employee Labor Law,” which was published in the Widener University School of Law Journal. She currently resides in New Hope, Bucks County, Pennsylvania with her family.

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