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War Stories

We are pleased to announce a new feature of the Blog—war stories. You are invited to post a comment. You are invited to submit your war stories to Aaron Finestone at aaron@microbrewjournalism.com


A female ADA is on a jury trial before an unnamed and currently retired judge. The judge is sleeping during a brutal cross examination by the defense attorney.

During the cross of the last government witness, the properly and professionally dressed female ADA is rocking in her chair as the questions are being shot from the defense attorney to the witness. The jury is uninterrupted and listening attentively, but all of sudden their attention is diverted to the female ADA, who took the chair rocking a little too far and toppled backwards and completely over. Much to her chagrin, the front of her dress landed over her face. The jury gasped as the ADA immediately managed to roll over, fix her attire, and stand up unhurt and unshaken. In utmost embarrassment though, she proceeded to sit down like nothing awkward had happened.

Needless to say, she woke the judge. The bench silently responded with a confused look. The trial continued and in the end, justice prevailed.

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