A blog of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section

The House and Senate are in session Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

House Bill 804 (Masser-R-Columbia) providing exemption from jury duty for certain individuals with prior grand juror service was passed by the House by 185-7 and now goes to the Senate for action.

House Bill 898 (Toepel-R-Montgomery) further providing for the sale and transfer of firearms was passed by the House by 186-10 and now goes to the Senate.

Last week, the Senate did no vote on six bills covering juvenile justice, expungements, sexting, and the Philadelphia courts. The following bills remain on the Senate voting calendar:

Senate Bill 815 (Baker-R-Luzerne) further providing for the right of counsel by juveniles.

Senate Bill 816 (Baker-R-Luzerne) further providing for the Office of Victim Advocate related to victims of juvenile crime.

Senate Bill 817 (Baker-R-Luzerne) providing for the use of restraints for juvenile offenders.

Senate Bill 818 (Baker-R-Luzerne) further providing for the reasons for the disposition of juvenile cases.

Senate Bill 850 (Greenleaf-R-Montgomery) providing for penalties for cyberbullying and sexting by minors, providing for expungement of juvenile records.

House Bill 38 (Caltagirone-D-Berks) providing for the disposition of fines and penalties in Philadelphia courts.


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