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On July 26, State Senator Stewart Greenleaf (R-Montgomery, Bucks) addressed the Criminal Justice Section on Senate Bill 100 concerning sentencing reform and Senate Bill 1153 which would expand the window to file a PCRA in case of newly discovered evidence.

Greenleaf, who has chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee for 25 years, said “laws should be drafted in such a way as to guarantee that justice is done.” He criticized legislation which responds to headlines.

“Legislation must be narrowly crafted to address a problem. If the bill is overbroad, there will be a negative impact on justice,” Greenleaf said.

Greenleaf said that this fall he will introduce a bill to give judges authority to downward depart from mandatory sentences in extraordinary circumstances.


After Senator Greenleaf’s remarks, Jordan F. Barnett of the Defender Association and Rachel Garland, Janet Ginzberg and Rebecca Vallas, all of Community Legal Services gave a one-hour CLE. Click for podcast

This topice will be covered at an expanded CLE on August 11 and at a program sponsored by the Criminal Justice Section at the Bench Bar Conference.


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