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On Wednesday, February 15, the Philadelphia Theatre Company will be offering two performances of Kander and Ebb’s acclaimed Scottboro Boys, an off-beat musical dramatization of the tragic story of nine African-American boys who were arrested, tried, convicted, and, with one exception, sentenced to death for raping two white girls on a freight car traveling through Alabama in March 1931.  In between the two performances,  The Pennsylvania Innocence Project will be presenting a two-credit CLE program probing the historical depths and contemporary significance of the issues raised by the Scottsboro Boys case.   

The CLE program features an in-depth look at the Scottsboro Case, the politics of race and justice, and the blight of wrongful convictions with distinguished panelists including the Honorable Louis H. Pollak, whose dad argued the Scottsboro cases in the U.S. Supreme Court; Dan T. Carter, author of the definitive book on the Scottsboro Boys case, Scottsboro – A Tragedy of the American South; Professors Randall Kennedy and Marie Gottschalk, authors of landmark works on American criminal justice; three Philadelphia lawyers who have obtained the exoneration of inmates sentenced to death or life imprisonment; and a Pennsylvania exoneree.

The event is a fund-raiser for The Pennsylvania Innocence Project and the Pennsylvania Capital Representation Project.  You can may purchase tickets by telephoning the Philadelphia Theatre Company box office at (215) 985-0420.

The cost of the performance, CLE and reception is $225. The cost without the performance is $175.


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