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Governor proposes $28.4 billion budget for 2013-2014

This budget proposes funding for:

— Three new cadet classes for the Pennsylvania State Police in the next fiscal year with a potential for 290 new state troopers.

— In addition, the state police will hire 90 new civilian dispatchers, freeing our state troopers to get back out on the roads and into the communities where they are most needed.

— The Justice Reinvestment Initiative, adopted last year, examined ways to make the state prison, parole and probation agencies more efficient.

“Our Justice Reinvestment Initiative gets eligible offenders out of the system and works to re-introduce them as productive citizens,” Corbett said.

The savings of about $139 million over five years will be moved to the “front end” of the justice system, where it can be used for victim services, local policing, county-based offender treatment and improved probation services.

The proposed budget also calls for:

— An increase of $1.3 million, for a total of $13.8 million, for the Domestic Violence Program, and an increase of $700,000, for a total of $7.7 million, for the Rape Crisis Program.

— Providing $10 million for juvenile justice intervention, including academic and career training for delinquent youths, as well as strategies for delinquency and violence prevention.

Source:  Crisci Associates Capitol Digest

Session Schedule

The House and Senate meet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Bills Moving

Child Abuse: House Bill 404 (Marsico-R-Dauphin) further providing for the offense of intimidation or retaliation in child abuse cases was amended and reported out of the House Judiciary Committee and Tabled.  See Memo.

Child Abuse/Custody: House Bill 414 (O’Neill-R-Bucks) further implementing recommendations of the Task Force on Child Protection with respect to custody issues was amended and reported out of the House Judiciary Committee and Tabled.  See Memo.

DNA Evidence: Senate Bill 150 (Pileggi-R- Delaware) a modernization of the laws governing the collection and use of DNA technology to fight crimes in Pennsylvania was amended and reported from the Senate Appropriations Committee and is now on the Senate Calendar for action.  See Memo.

Probation/Parole: Senate Bill 305 (Eichelberger-R- Blair) providing that contraband seized from an offender is to be considered abandoned and unclaimed,  was reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee and was referred to the Senate Appropriations Committee.  See Memo.

Committee Meetings

Senate Appropriations Committee meets Monday to consider two bills to eliminate the Philadelphia Traffic Court.  Senate Bill 333 (Pileggi-R-Delaware) would amend the Constitution to eliminate the Philadelphia Traffic Court, Senate Bill 334 (Pileggi-R-Delaware) would reassign the duties of the Philadelphia Traffic Court to a newly established Traffic Division of the Philadelphia Municipal Court.  Existing Traffic Court judges would be allowed to serve until their terms expire.  All judges serving in the new Traffic Division will be lawyers.  See Memo.

House Judiciary Committee meets Tuesday to consider  House Bill 286 (Kula-D-Fayette) which would adopt The Uniform Child Abduction Prevention Act.  See Memo.

Senate Judiciary Committee meets Tuesday to consider two bills on expungement of criminal records.   Senate Bill 328 (Kitchen-D-Philadelphia) would expand eligibility for expungement of nonviolent offenses.  See Memo.  Senate Bill 391 (Solobay-D-Washington) would provide for expungement of some misdemeanors.  See Memo.


Pennsylvania closes “Florida Loophole” for online gun permits

Yoon appointed chief staff attorney of Superior Court


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