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Session Schedule

The General Assembly is conducting budget hearings this week.  The House and Senate return to session on March 11.

Public hearings on abolishing Traffic Court scheduled for March 22 at the Bar Association

The House Judiciary Committee will conduct public hearings on Senate Bill 333 would amend the Constitution to abolish the Philadelphia Traffic Court.  Senate Bill 334 would transfer the functions of Traffic Court to a newly created Traffic Division of the Philadelphia Municipal Court.  The hearing will be March 22 at 10 a.m. at the Philadelphia Bar Association, 11th Floor, 1101 Market Street.

Judges sue in Commonwealth Court over mandatory retirement

While a Federal law suit is pending, two Pennsylvania Judges have filed suit in Commonwealth Court claiming that the State’s Constitutional requirement that Judges retire at age 70 is illegal discrimination.   Click for news report.

State to link recidivism rate to granting contracts for half-way houses

Pennsylvania’s 38 privately run community correction centers will have to rebid for performance based contracts.  The State has also changed the way it calculates recidivism.  Click for news report.

Department of Corrections releases recidivism study

Six in 10 inmates reoffend within three years of release.  Click for Crisci Associates summary of the report.  Click for report:  2013 PA DOC Recidivism Report


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