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Session Schedule

The House and Senate meet Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  The House has passed a State Budget calling for $28.3 billion in spending.  There are nine legislative days left in which the Senate has to pass the budget.  The State budget must be passed by June 30.

On the House voting calendar

House Resolution 107 (Dean–D–Montgomery) which would call upon the Supreme Court to require up to 50 hours mandatory pro bono legal services as a condition for applying for admission to the Bar.

On the Senate voting calendar

Senate Bill 150 (Pileggi-R-Delaware) updating procedures to take and use DNA samples taken from persons who are arrested. 

Senate Bill 305 (Eichelberger-R-Blair) dealing with the seizure of contraband.

Senate Appropriations Committee

Senate Bill 391 (Solobay-D- Washington) providing for the expungement of misdemeanors with exceptions for sex offenses, witness intimidation, impersonating a public official and animal cruelty.  The Senate Appropriations Committee meets Monday.

Philadelphia Traffic Court

Two bills to abolish the Philadelphia Traffic Court have been passed by the House and Senate and await action by the Governor.

Senate Bill 333 (Pileggi-R-Delaware).  Click for summary and  House Fiscal Note.

Senate Bill 334 (Pileggi-R-Delaware).  Click for summary and House Fiscal Note.

Juvenile recidivism report

The Juvenile Court Judges Commission has released its Recidivism Report.  Click to download 2007 Recidivism Report

Rules of Appellate Procedure

The Supreme Court has ordered an amendment to “Rule 3331. Review of Special Prosecutions or Investigations.”

Click for Order

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