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Session Schedule

The House and Senate return to session on September 23.

House Judiciary Committee

August 22– House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on House Bill 1154 (R.Miller-R-York) relating to harassment and stalking- summary.  Room 205 Ryan Building. 10:30.

John T. Bender elected President Judge of Pennsylvania Superior Court

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Superior Court, which is sitting en banc in
Harrisburg today, has unanimously elected Judge John T. Bender to be its
president judge.  President Judge Bender fills the spot vacated when former President Judge Correale F. Stevens was appointed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on July 30.

President Judge Bender, who hails from Pittsburgh, received his undergraduate
degree from The Pennsylvania State University and his law degree from the
Duquesne University School of Law. He was elected a judge of the Superior
Court of Pennsylvania in 2001 and won retention in 2011. His current term
runs through 2021.

Prior to joining the Superior Court he had been elected a magisterial district
judge in 1997 and before that was in the private practice of law for 25 years,
was an Allegheny County assistant district attorney, and served as a judicial
law clerk in both the Pennsylvania Supreme and Superior courts.  Under the Pennsylvania Rules of Judicial Administration, President Judge Bender will serve as acting president judge until January 6, 2014, when the Superior Court will elect a president judge for a five-year period.



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