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Session Schedule

The House and Senate return to session on September 23.

Senate Judiciary Committee

The Senate Judiciary Committee meets September 24, to conduct a hearing on the proposed Criminal Justice Addiction Treatment Act.  Click for text of model act.

Superior Court reverses challenge to accuracy of breathalyzer

Click for Memorandum Opinion

The state Superior Court on Thursday overturned a Dauphin County judge’s decision in a drunken driving case that legal observers said could have curtailed the use of breathalyzers in such prosecutions.

Yet the state court’s ruling in the Jason Schildt case won’t end the battle over whether breathalyzers are accurate enough to provide evidence of motorists’ blood-alcohol levels that can be used to prosecute the most serious DUI cases.

Schildt’s lawyer, Justin McShane, said he will appeal the Superior Court ruling to the state Supreme Court in hopes of taking breathalyzer evidence off the table in DUI prosecutions once and for all.

Click for entire report from Patriot News

Supreme Court amends rules on remand to Superior and Commonwealth Courts

Click for Order

Click for text of Amended Rules

Chief justice: $4 million distribution will help fund civil legal
services to low income Pennsylvanians

Click for news release


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