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Session schedule

The House and Senate return to session after the summer break.  Both chambers will be in session on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Public hearings

September 24– House Judiciary Committee meets to consider House Bill 20 (Simmons-R-Lehigh) further providing for concealing the death of a child.

September 24– House Consumer Affairs Committee meets to consider House Bill 129 (Cox-R-Berks) amending the Telemarketer Registration Act to further provide for unlawful acts related to the Do Not Call List–summary

September 24– Senate Aging and Youth Committee meets to consider Senate Bill 20 (Washington-D-Philadelphia) updates the definition of “child abuse” and provides exclusions– summary,  Senate Bill 21(Ward-R-Westmoreland) clarifies who is a “mandatory reporter” of child abuse– summarySenate Bill 22(Ward-R-Westmoreland)  increases penalties for failure to report child abuse– summarySenate Bill 23(Baker-R-Luzerne) updates the definition of “perpetrator” and expands definition of “person responsible for a child’s welfare”– summary,  Senate Bill 30 (Erickson-R-Delaware) establishes accountability and due process protections for individuals working with delinquent children in juvenile detention facilities and residential rehabilitative institutions– summarySenate Bill 33 (Mensch-R-Lehigh) provides employee whistleblower protection for child abuse reporting– summary.

September 24– Senate Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on the proposed Criminal Justice and Addiction Treatment Act.

September 25– House State Government Committee holds a hearing on House Bill 60 (Benninghoff-R-Mifflin) providing for exceptions for public records for jurors’ names- summaryHouse Bill 115 (Swanger-R-Lebanon) further providing for Right-to-Know Law requests from inmates- summary, 0.

September 26– House Democratic Policy Committee holds a hearing on funding for fair trials– House Bill 1556 (Caltiagirone-D-Berks)– summary.

October 29– Senate Judiciary Committee holds a hearing in Pittsburgh on legal representation of the indigent.

Proposed amendment to Appellate Rules 1972 and 2542

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