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Session Schedule

The House and Senate will be in session on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Eight voting days remain until the end of the year.

Committee Hearing

November 12– House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on Senate Bill 150 (Pileggi-R- Delaware) further providing for the collection and use of DNA.  Room 140. 10 a.m.

General Assembly Redesigns Website


The General Assembly has updated its website.  New features include:

— a front page that highlights current, relevant content such as convening times for the Senate and House, upcoming committee meetings and recent votes;

— new pages for the Senate and the House which highlight recent roll call votes and scheduled committee meetings;

— buttons on nearly every page which make it easy for users to share that page on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn;

— the ability to track bill and committee activity through the free PaLegis Notifications email system.

— easier tools to help residents identify their legislators and find the text of bills being considered;

— new Google Calendar and iCal features, making it easy to add upcoming committee meetings to the user’s personal calendar;

— integrated, relevant tweets from the nonpartisan @PaLegis Twitter account;

— a new “popular pages” tab on the front page, giving instant access to the most-visited pages on the website;

— an enhanced executive nominations section, which includes links to roll call votes, nomination letters, and Statements of Financial Interest;

— easier site navigation, with relevant additional information in the right column; and

— an entirely new, user-friendly look and feel throughout the website.

Criminal Justice Issues in the News

Experts: PA Court’s Juvenile Sentence Decision Chaos

Lifetime Registration For Juvenile Sex Offenders Unconstitutional

Editorial: PA Court Errors On Side Of Cruelty To Juveniles

Bill Would Ease Expungement For Minor Crimes  (about Senate Bill 391)


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