A blog of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section

Burton A. Rose, lawyer, educator and Pennsylvania’s foremost legal blogger, was presented with the Becarria Award on Tuesday night.  The award, sponsored by the Criminal Justice Section and the Justinian Society is given in recognition of an individual’s contribution to the cause of justice and the advancement of legal education.


Burton A. Rose



Burt’s children, Dayna Rose Benn, Esquire and Dr. David Rose speak at the ceremony.


Celeste and Burt Rose.  They met when Celeste was a court reporter and Burt was trying a case in City Hall.


Congratulating Burt are Dino Privitera, Esquire, Jamie Funt, Esquire, Chair of the Criminal Justice Section, Annette Ferrara, Esquire, Chancellor of the Justinian Society, and  Elizabeth Preate Havey, Esquire.  Dino and Elizabeth are the Co-Chairs of the event.

Photos by Honorable Denis P. Cohen

Cesare Beccaria, an 18th Century Italian scholar, was an early proponent of many of the tenets of modern criminal law. His visionary work is credited with aiding the subsequent European penal code reform and the eventual development of the American criminal justice system. The Beccaria Award is presented annually to a legal jurist, scholar or practitioner for outstanding contributions to the cause of justice and the advancement of legal education.


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