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Session Schedule

The House and Senate meet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  The Governor will give his budget address on Tuesday around noon.

Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing

Click for calendar of 2014 meetings.

Bills Moving


Megan’s Law: House Bill 1951 (Regan-R-Cumberland) prohibiting Megan’s Law violators from being eligible for public assistance was amended and reported out of the House Health Committee and was referred to the House Appropriations Committee. The House Appropriations Committee will consider this bill on Monday.

Child Abuse: Senate Bill 21 (Ward-R-Westmoreland) further providing for child abuse reporting was removed from the Table and is now on the House Calendar for action.

Sexual Predators: House Bill 1874 (Farry-R-Bucks) further providing for counseling of secually violent predators- sponsor summary— was amended and reported out of the House Judiciary Committee and Tabled.


Arson Penalties: Senate Bill 1024 (Rafferty-R-Montgomery) further providing for arson penalties was reported on concurrence from the Senate Rules Committee, was amended on the Senate Floor and passed by the Senate.  It returns to the House for a concurrence vote.

Child Abuse: House Bill 431 (Gingrich-R-Lebanon) further providing for child protection education and training– Senate Fiscal Note— and  House Bill 436 (Stephens-R- Montgomery) further providing for reporting of child abuse were Tabled.

Source:  Crisci Associates PA Capitol Digest


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