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PaCapitolSession Schedule

The House and Senate meet Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then goes into recess until June 2.

On the Governor’s desk

Lawyer Background Checks: Senate Bill 894 (Alloway-R-Franklin) requiring criminal background checks and fingerprinting for applicants for admission to the bar.   A summary and House Fiscal Notice are available. 

Bills Moving


Child Abuse By School Employees: Senate Bill 31 (Fontana-D-Allegheny) reporting and other provisions related to suspected child abuse by school employees was passed by the House.  A summary and House Fiscal Note are available.  The bill returns to the Senate for a concurrence vote.

Dealing In Infant Children: House Bill 2088 (Hackett-R-Delaware)  providing for the offense of dealing in infant children was removed from the Table and was referred to the House Appropriations Committee.

Information Breach: House Bill 2167 (Swanger-R- Lebanon) requiring further steps be taken under the Breach of Personal Information Notification Act- sponsor summary– was reported out of the House Commerce Committee and referred to the House Judiciary Committee.

Dissemination of Intimate Images: House Bill 2107 (Murt-R-Adams) further providing for the offense of dissemination of intimate images was amended and reported from the House Judiciary Committee and Tabled.

False Compartments: House Bill 1537 (Harper-R- Montgomery) providing for the offense of a vehicle with false compartments was amended and reported from the House Judiciary Committee and Tabled.

Wireless Device Location: House Bill 1852 (Stephens-R-Montgomery) requiring disclosure of wireless device location information– sponsor summary— was reported from the House Consumer Affairs Committee and Tabled.


Juvenile Act Study: Senate Resolution 304 (Greenleaf-R- Montgomery) directing the Joint State Government Commission to establish an advisory committee to study the Juvenile Act and related issues- sponsor summary– was adopted by the Senate.

Public Hearings

May 5– House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on a presentation on the Restitution Task Force.  Room 205 Ryan Building.  10:00.

May 6– House Urban Affairs Committee meets to consider House Bill 2141 (Gillespie    providing for community development authorities- sponsor summary.  Room 205 Ryan Building.  9:30.

May 6–House State Government Committee holds a hearing on the Attorney General and the performance of her duties using House Resolution 578 (Prime Sponsor Withdrew).  Room G-50 Irvis Building. 9:00.

Tax bill on professional services

A public hearing was conducted last week on Senate Bill 76 which would abolish local property taxes, fund school districts, and raise and expand the sales tax.  The bill would impose a sales tax on some professional services.  The bill appears to exempt legal fees in criminal cases, domestic relations cases, and contingent fee cases involving a percentage of the recovery.  Click for text of bill.

Reports of the public hearing are below.

Bill Eliminating Property Taxes Raises Equal Funding Questions

Property Taxes Must Go Crowd Urges At Senate Hearing

NE State Rep Candidates Mostly Supporting Rolling Back Property Taxes

Plan To Eliminate School Property Tax Has Senate Support

Winners, Losers In Property Tax Reform

House Candidates Mostly Back Bills Rolling Back Property Tax

Source:  Crisci Associates PA Capitol Digest


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