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New Rule 705.1

Dear Criminal Justice Section members;

Attached is a rule proposal from the Pa Supreme Court.  Buried in this long document (beginning at page 21) is the important proposal to add a NEW RULE, Rule 705.1, that would implement procedures for ordering restitution in a criminal case.

The comments to the proposed rule indicate that it is being proposed pursuant to a recommendation by the Restitution in Pennsylvania Task Force.  The task force was convened to study “solutions to increase the quality of restitution services at the state and county levels.”

While the rule would clarify procedures for imposing restitution, it also provides for an automatic hearing before the sentencing judge 30 days before expiration of the probation period it any amount of restitution is outstanding.

If we as a Section will comment on this proposed rule, we need to do so by May 30.  Please respond in a timely fashion to myself or to Chair Bob Muench with your thoughts.

Thank you,
Karen Wolfe
Chair of the Rules Committee
Chief, South Zone
Defender Association of Philadelphia
Direct 267-765-6844


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