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House to meet Monday to decide whether to concur with Senate bills

The House has scheduled an additional voting session for Monday.  The House will have the opportunity to concur (approve) the following bills concerning criminal justice:

Standing To Challenge Local Firearms Ordinances: House Bill 80 (Metcalfe-R-Butler) was amended by by Sen. Richard Alloway (R-Adams) to give “membership organizations” (read the NRA) standing to challenge local ordinances regulating firearms.  The amendment passed 32 to 16.  The Senate passed the bill and it now returns to the House for a concurrence vote.

Sexual Predators: House Bill 1874 (Farry-R-Bucks) further providing for counseling of sexually violent predators was amended on the Senate Floor and passed by the Senate.  The bill returns to the House for a concurrence vote where the bill is in the House Rules Committee.

After Monday, the House is set to recess until November 12.  The Senate is in recess until November 12.  On that day, the General Assembly will organize for the next session and take care of administrative matters.  Any bills not passed by the House and Senate of October 20 are dead for the present session of the General Assembly.

On the Governor’s desk

The following bills are awaiting approval or veto by the Governor

Reporting Child Abuse: House Bill 435 (Moul-R-Adams) expanding the requirements for background checks for employees working with children.  A summary and House Fiscal Note are available.

Exchange Of Child Protection Information: Senate Bill 27 (Mensch-R-Montgomery) further providing for the exchange of information in child protective services. A summary and House Fiscal Note are available.

Public hearing
November 14– House Judiciary Committee holds a hearing on Department of Corrections staffing levels. Bellefonte Courthouse Annex, Bellefonte. 10 a.m.

(Source:  Crisci Associates PA Capitol Digest)


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