A blog of the Philadelphia Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section

Dear Court Appointed Counsel in Philadelphia,
Thanks so much for all the input that you have all sent.  It has been very helpful as we try and revamp and greatly improve the whole process for court appointments in Philadelphia.  We really couldn’t do this with out all the great responses that we have received.
As we continue in our process we are writing tonight to ask for some more input.  Specifically we are asking you to give us estimates as to how long it takes (in hours) to represent clients in certain types of cases, and within those hours how your time is spent.  Please be specific and include everything you do for a client in a particular case and how many hours total that takes.  We know all cases vary but we are asking for specifics for what you do and how long it takes in the types of cases below.  If you have a type of case that you feel is important to include and it wasn’t listed below, feel free to send that too.  Also note things you aren’t currently compensated for in a case (i.e. printing of discovery etc.)  as we need to include those uncompensated non-hourly accounted for things. Act as though you are prepping the case for trial and the case goes to trial.  I know there a are ton of variables, but please do the best you can.  Please respond by Thursday, October 13, 2016, so we have time to read all the information you send to us.
Please estimate to the best of your ability the hours it takes to do each type of case listed below, and also send a listing of how you estimate your time is spent (and how much time) for each item.  Include all you do for the client of course.
1.  Non-Capital homicide
2. Major felony 1
3. Felony forgery case
5. Section 6105 majors gun case
Thanks again for your input,
James Berardinelli
Kathryn Coviello-Cacciamani
David Rudenstein
David Walker

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