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PA Supreme Court forms task force to review operations of investigating grand juries and recommend updates

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September 14 is deadline to comment to proposed changes to Criminal Rules

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Rule 462 Summary Appeal Remand

Rules 229 and 230 Disclosure of Investigating Grand Jury Testimony


New York statehood, July 26, 1788

PA Budget stalemate continues

On Saturday, House Republicans failed to get an agreement on a revenue package to fill the $2.2 billion deficit and support the $31.996 billion budget passed June 30, according to House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny), and decided to go home.  The Senate is on six-hour call.–Crisci Associates PA Capitol Digest.

On the Governor’s Desk

Driver Chemical Testing: Senate Bill 553 (Rafferty-R- Montgomery) further providing for drivers license loss due to substance abuse.  A House Fiscal Note and summary.  The bill was signed into law as Act 30.

Attorney General Shapiro pushes for continued Title IX protections

State attorneys general are urging Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos to preserve protections for survivors of sexual assault on college campuses.

Pennsylvania State Attorney General Josh Shapiro submitted a letter to DeVos signed by 19 other state attorneys general, all Democrats, on Wednesday.

“We’re calling on Secretary DeVos to listen to law enforcement and trust survivors of sexual assault by keeping these protections in place and putting student safety first,” Shapiro said in a statement .

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PA Supreme Court rejects retroactive application of SORNA

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Opinion announcing Judgment of the Court 

Concurring Opinion 

Dissenting Opinion 



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